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Inequality data and analysis

Inequality is everywhere. It shows up in classrooms, in doctor's offices, in grocery stores, and in bank branches. 

Our cross-cutting analysis makes sure to uncover the interconnected nature of different inequalities. We look at how teen pregnancy is linked education, how incarceration is connected to healthcare, and how internet access is tied to income. To date, our analysis has helped state and local policymakers get the evidence that they need to help America's most vulnerable communities.  

We know that pulling data from government agency websites can be incredibly challenging. That's why we've made everything open source and freely available for download so that information is not the obstacle to success. 

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Jeremy Ney - Author of AMERICAN INEQUALITY

Jeremy launched AMERICAN INEQUALITY after nearly a decade of research at the Federal Reserve, MIT, and Harvard. His goal is to look across new metrics of inequality and tie them all together through maps and neighborhoods. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, where he now lives with his wife.


Steph Motta

Steph, a data analytics collaborator for American Inequality, is passionate about research and visualizations to help communicate complex topics. She is an MBA candidate at Presidio Graduate School and lives in upstate NY.

Emma Lee Portrait.jpg

Emma Lee

Emma is a pre-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard University Opportunity Insights. She uses data analytics and computer programming to effectively inform stakeholders for a more equitable future.