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Measure the world
Change the world

AMERICAN INEQUALITY is a publication and database tracking nearly 100 factors that influence opportunity in communities

A new way to track inequality

We publish a BIWEEKLY NEWSLETTER for change-makers to understand how inequality is widening in America. Every article uses original data visualizations to highlight neighborhoods that are struggling with a particular social challenge. We then present a path forward on these challenges to show how public, nonprofit, and private sectors can come together to create solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing society. 


Open source data for change

Our DATA PORTAL gives businesses, politicians, policymakers,  and problem solvers the tools to understand the world around them. While the data, visualizations, and analysis are free to download, we ask that you tip what you can to help support this ongoing work. Download the data today to get started on quantitatively understanding your community.

Your community's biggest challenge

Food deserts, violent crime, internet access, childcare, math scores. Inequality is deeply connected with many different measures. Access them all in one single place. 

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